Fluance AV Series 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System with DB150 Powered Subwoofer

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  • A perfectly matched and flawlessly sounding 5.1 speaker system, this AV Series Speaker System has the best of both worlds. With high reproduction qualities in music as well as surround sound home thea
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A perfectly matched and flawlessly sounding 5.1 speaker system, this AV Series Speaker System has the best of both worlds. With high reproduction qualities in music as well as surround sound home theater, this 5.1 system is perfect in any application. When the AV Series is used in Dolby surround and DTS systems you can truly experience what home cinema is supposed to be.

The AV Series Speakers feature audio grade MDF wood construction, which suppresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, accurate response. By virtue of the tuned bass reflex cabinet, the fronts produce a brilliant and dynamic low frequency performance. By utilizing only premium components – such as powerfully dimensioned, high-performance drivers – and boasting a distinct design with a classic black ash finish, the AV Series 5.1 Speaker System offers a pure listening experience that will harmonize perfectly with any modern living area.

The high-performance Fluance DB150 Subwoofer offers our listeners incredible, room-shaking bass in a uniquely small profile. Utilizing state-of-the-art engineering technology, the DB150 can accurately reproduce any cinematic special effect – from the low rumble of an earthquake to the powerful blast of an explosion, the Fluance DB150 subwoofer offers a truly immersive listening experience. All of these factors combine to make the Fluance DB150 an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking accurate and powerful low frequencies for movies and music alike.

Fluance DB150 Powered Subwoofer is specifically tuned to its enclosure and designed to reproduce both low and ultra-low frequencies while still offering minimal distortion. While most digital recordings contain bass information that traditional speakers cannot easily reproduce, Fluance powered subwoofers are designed specifically to reproduce those low bass frequencies – an integral part of any home theater system.

  • Premium components ensure serious performance, natural sound and great reliability at an exceptional value; Matched 5.1 speaker system with powered subwoofer for home theater and home audio applications; Audio grade MDF wood construction to reduce cabinet resonance; Ferro-fluid cooled tweeter for longer life
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for increased durability and performance; Tuned bass port for controlled low frequency response and improved efficiency (Fronts); Bi-amp/bi-wire (Fronts) 5-way gold plated binding post terminals for optimum conductivity; Banana plug and speaker wire compatible connectors on all speakers
  • Built-in keyhole slot wall mount hardware (Surrounds); Low diffraction flush fit removable front grilles for spacious imaging; Magnetically shielded to avoid interference with other video products; Floor spikes to isolate speakers from the floor – for use on hardwood or carpeted areas (Fronts)
  • Premium crossovers feature Butterworth design for audio equalization; 18 gauge internal lead wire to reduce signal degradation; 10″ long throw driver for longer excursion and better linearity (subwoofer); Thick hi-roll surrounds that support their longer excursion for tight, precise and accurate bass (subwoofer)
  • Compact ported enclosure is only 18-1/2″ x 12-5/16″ x 16-1/2″ for smaller footprint (subwoofer); Integrated 150 watt continuous power high current amplifier (subwoofer); Line and speaker level inputs allow the DB to be connected to any audio system (subwoofer); Adjustable low-pass filter, volume controls and phase switch allow perfect integration into any system (subwoofer); Premium black ash vinyl veneer woodgrain finish to compliment any home décor

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